proimages/strong/strong_icon01_B.jpg Reasonable product prices will help you save costs.

proimages/strong/strong_icon02.png Cooperate with customer needs, delivery fast and reliable, to help you seize the opportunity.

proimages/strong/strong_icon03.pngAccording to various shapes of products, provide the best mass production analysis and suggestions.

proimages/strong/strong_icon05en.pngThe rigorous and uncompromising material selection and heat treatment will help you to obtain a mold life beyond expectations.

proimages/strong/strong_icon04.pngExtensive mold design and CAE mold flow analysis confirmation experience, which effectively improves the product manufacturing yield.

proimages/strong/strong_icon06.pngThe ability to effectively solve the problem of imperfect forming can help you shorten the development time and quickly enter the mass production stage.