RFQ inquiry form (letter), technical inquiry or requirements (whether or not customers provide the structure drawing of the whole mold or the parts in 2D / 3D electronic file, whether customers specify the mold material, whether the mold factory provides the design, whether customers need us to provide Mold flow analysis, whether customers have a contact person, you can review the design with the mold factory), 2D drawing files (DWG/DXF or PDF), 3D drawing files (IGS/STEP/PRT), die casting machine tonnage, Castings Material, customers expect date of inquiry respond.
1. Mold order (the mold arrangement and the lead time for booking a wooden box before export notification to customers, depending on the tonnage and size of mold, it will take 3 to 7 days.) After the mold is arranged and the customers informs that the mold can be exported, plus the shipping days (depending on the actual shipping schedule).
350/420/500/560T: 2.5month upon dwg approval (2.5 months after the customer confirms the drawing)
650/730/800T: 3month upon dwg approval (3 months after the customer confirms the drawing)
1250T: 3.5month upon dwg approval (3.5 months after the customer confirms the drawing)
Domestic delivery: According to the scheduled completion date of the mold/the date specified by the customer.
Sea transportation: The voyage period refers to the estimated days to arrive at the port designated by the other party depart from Kaohsiung Port. The actual voyage period will be provided on the quotation.
European countries: It is estimated that 41 days to UK, 31 days to Germany, and 38 days to ​France.
About 33 days to the Eastern of United States.
About 14 days to the Western of United States.
About 14 days to India and neighboring countries.
Oversea delivery: Depends on countries indicate on the quotation. The sea or air transportation time are as follows.
About 7 days to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia and neighboring countries).
About 3~6 days to Japan.

Air transportation needs to be arranged according to customers needs. (Weight and volume limit: a single piece has a weight limit of 2 tons within 300 x 200 x 150 cm, and the price and voyage depend on the airport of the country of arrival.)

2. Mold components order: The delivery date is determined according to the difficulty of making the parts. Parts are delivered by express (FedEx, DHL, or the express company designated by the customer): If customers choose FedEx Express International Services, and the weight of a single package cannot exceed 68 kg (150 lb), the width cannot exceed 274 cm (108 inches). The length and the circumference cannot exceed 330 cm (130 inches). (3~4 days from Taiwan Airport to Europe, 4 days to America, 3 days to Japan, 2 days to Southeast Asia.)
Inquiry → Quotation → Bargaining → Placing an order → Formal drawing → Mold layout confirmation→ Submit to customer → Accept drawing → Mold start production → Production process progress report → Trial mold → Internal inspection → Submit casting samples → (Check NG from customer → Modify the mold → submit the sample again)→ inspection OK from customer → mold dispatching approval → mold shipment.
Domestic mold orders: (Telegraphic transfer) 40% deposit, 30% after the first mold trial is completed, 30% after the casting is qualified.

Foreign mold orders: (Telegraphic transfer) Same as domestic mold orders, but 100% of all payments must be paid before the mold is exported.

Domestic and foreign components orders: (Telegraphic transfer) 100% before shipment.